Charitable Mission

Everyone deserves to feel supported, loved, and to know that they are Wildly Enough. Which is why at Wildly Enough we make sure our business gives back to causes that are important to us.

Read below for the two main ways we are teamed up to support our charity partner, Together Rising.

  1. Profit Share: 10% of all Wildly Enough profits are donated to Together Rising to directly support those who most need it.
  2. Tip for Charity: At checkout, you can choose to add a tip. 100% of those tip proceeds are donated by Wildly Enough to Together Rising. (Any tip you make is not tax deductible to you as the customer.)

About Together Rising

Together Rising is a grassroots non-profit that transforms collective heartbreak into effective action.

Whether it’s pulling children out of the sea outside the refugee camps in Greece, helping abandoned kids on the streets in Indianapolis, establishing the first opioid recovery home for pregnant teens in New Hampshire, building a maternal health wing in Port-au-Prince, providing a single mother access to breast cancer treatment, or keeping a foster family’s heat on in Texas — Together Rising identifies what is breaking the hearts of their givers as they look around their world and their community, and then they connect their givers’ generosity with the people and organizations who are effectively addressing that critical need.

100% of what Together Rising receives from every personal donation goes directly to an individual, family, or cause in need – not one penny we receive from individual donation goes to administration costs, unless a donor specifically authorizes that use.